One Last Summer Sewing Project: A Tunic Refashioned into Prefontaine Shorts

September 23, 2014

I know what you're probably thinking, yet ANOTHER pair of Prefontaine Shorts. But this particular pair is special for a couple reasons. First, I refashioned them from an unworn lightweight denim tunic I had hanging around in my closet. Also, this is my first contribution over on the Refashion Co-op!! I'm really excited to be one of the newest contributors, and I'm looking forward to being able to share my refashions with a whole new audience.
Denim Tunic to Prefontaine Shorts Refashion before by Hey it's SJ
You can head over to the co-op to check out the history of this shirt, and since I've made this shorts pattern one, two, three times already, I'm just going to talk about the modifications I made for this particular pair.
Denim Tunic to Prefontaine Shorts Refashion after by Hey, it's SJ
--I used the same inseam length as my American Flag pair, about an inch shorter than the longest inseam on the pattern.
Denim Tunic to Prefontaine Shorts Refashion inside front by Hey, it's SJ Denim Tunic to Prefontaine Shorts Refashion inside front pocket by Hey, it's SJ
--I kept the front pockets on this pair, but to prevent a line of stitching from showing on the front of the shorts, I added a pocket lining piece. I picked up a fat quarter from Joann's to use as the lining for the front and the back welt pockets. Speaking of the back welt pocket, I did it a little differently than the pattern. Instead, I used this single welt pocket technique from Poppy Kettle. It definitely took a little longer than the pattern instructions, but I think the results are a bit better so I think it was worth it.
Denim Tunic to Prefontaine Shorts Refashion inside back by Hey, it's SJ Denim Tunic to Prefontaine Shorts Refashion close up back pocket by Hey, it's SJ
--The only other change I made was with how I applied the bias tape. Unfortunately, there wasn't quite enough fabric to make self bias tape from the tunic; however I was able to find some dark lightweight denim at Joann's that was very similar (By the way, chambray and lightweight denim are not the same thing. This tunic was made out of a 4 oz. denim.) While both fabrics felt and looked the same, after I prewashed the new fabric there was quite a noticeable color difference. I wanted the shorts to be all the same color, so I decided to turn the bias tape to the inside of the shorts rather than leave it visible on the outside. I used the same technique that you would if you were finishing a neckline or armhole.
Denim Tunic to Prefontaine Shorts Refashion by Hey, it's SJ
I absolutely love how they turned out! I've already worn them more times that I ever wore the ill-fitting tunic, so in my book that is a super successful refashion!

Welp, this officially marks the end of my summer sewing for this year (sad face), but I already have some of my fall sewing projects in the works. I plan on sharing at least one as part of Selfish Sewing Week, so stay tuned later in the week for that post(s)!