February 20, 2015

It's cold here. Like REALLY cold. Like single digit temperatures cold. I understand that in parts of the country/world this is not uncommon for February, but I don't live in those parts of the country/world for that very reason. I live in Central Virginia, it is not supposed to get this cold here! I've always said I don't mind the cold as long as there's snow, and we got a bit over 6 inches on Monday/Tuesday that is still sticking around so I can't complain too much. I would still rather be soaking up sun on a beach somewhere that doesn't know what 3 degrees with a wind chill of -5 to -10 degrees feels like. 

On the bright (and slightly warmer) side, I got some new handmade scarves! Specifically, these two beauties from Korie Su of ReTied Headwear during the #handmadescarfswap hosted by SewCaroline and SewBon. I don't knit/crochet and I am such newb that I don't even know if these are knitted or crocheted. Regardless, I am more than thrilled to add some handmade knit or crochet items to my out-of-control scarf collection that is (sadly) mostly store-bought. The red is a beautiful, vibrant color and nice and thick (read: WARM). And I think the oatmeal colored rope scarf is super fun, though I may have to save that one for some warmer temperatures.

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I received two beautiful scarves, and I made two scarves to send to my partner, Crystal, as well! The first I made out of 2 yards of a lightweight sheermist cotton/poly blend. I knew I wanted the scarf navy and I've been on a neon accent kick lately, so I decided to embroider a plaid design onto the fabric using my sewing machine and some neon green and neon pink thread.
#handmadescarfswap Embroidered Plaid Scarf with Fringe
The original plan was to play around with different decorative stitches and widths for a more authentic plaid look, but the fabric was so lightweight I was getting all kinds of tension issues with the wider stitches. I ended up using just a simple straight stitch and I actually love the simplicity of the design. Plus, it took a lot less time! Here is a graphic showing the design and dimensions I used. 
Embroidered Plaid Scarf diagram
I finished the two longer edges using a narrow double fold hem and frayed the shorter edges. To fray the shorter ends, I "stay-stitched" about and inch from the end of the scarf (just a straight stitch to keep the entire scarf from unraveling) and used a pin to help pull out the threads running parallel to the stitching. Here is a close up of the ends...
#handmadescarfswap Embroidered Plaid Scarf with Fringe close up
The second scarf I sent was ridiculously easy to make. I found this scarf fabric at Joann's (can't find it online though) that was nice and drape-y, and I loved the metallic stripe detail. I think the fabric was around 44" wide and I just kept it that width since the selvedges were nice and that meant I wouldn't have to finish them. I frayed the short edges like the plaid scarf. It was that simple!
#handmadescarfswap Metallic Striped Scarf with Fringe
Even though the fabric is fairly light weight, the extra width gives it some thickness and warmth. Here is a picture that shows the drapey-ness and stripe detail a little better.
#handmadescarfswap Metallic Striped Scarf with Fringe draped
I might have liked this one so much that I bought another 2 yards to make myself one. Whoopsies!

Thanks to Sew Caroline and Sewbon for organizing this swap! Did any of ya'll participate? What did you make/get?