Potential Project Tuesday Vol. 2 // DIY J.Crew Inspired Vest

October 28, 2014

So I don't know about you, but now that it's fall I can't seem to get on Pinterest without coming across this J.Crew vest. I've never actually seen this vest in person (I really do need to get out more), so it was only the other day that I realized that it isn't actually made out of tweed, it's just printed nylon. WUT?! Maybe I'm just super cheap but for a $100+ jacket I expect it to be made out of something other than polyester. In fact, I'm pretty sure I could make an actual wool one for less than half that price.
DIY J.Crew Inspired Vest // Potential Project Tuesday Vol. 2 by Hey, it's SJ
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One of the hardest parts (which I don't even think would be that hard) would be quilting the fabric. I would cut the outer, interlining, and lining fabric into smaller pieces that are several inches larger on all sides than each of the pattern pieces, make a little interlining sandwich, and then get to quilting. This post about cross hatch quilting would be a good reference. 

Here's a quick little list of the materials needed and some sources: 

Lining-- I would probably use an affordable Ambiance/bemberg lining, but silk charmeuse or silk crepe de chine would also be options for a luxe vest. 

Interlining-- For a super warm vest, I'm really interested in using Thinsulate

Bias Tape-- The quick and dirty way would obviously be to use store-bought tape. Alternatively, you could get a really nice quality cotton and make your own. 

Zipper-- My only condition would be that it is separating (obviously), and metal, because I hate the look of those plastic parka zippers that they sell at Joann's/Hancock. Something like this but in black would work.

And an estimated cost break down...

$20/yd for a decent wool outer fabric (and I would get 1.5 yards to be safe) = $30
$8/yd for lining (again, 1.5 yards) = $12
$8/yd for Thinsulate (again, 1.5 yards) = $12
$6 for bias tape (store bought or homemade)
$5 for a zipper

Total = $65 IF everything was purchased at full price (and that's a big if because you know I love a good sale!)

I think this would be relatively simple as far as sewing outwear goes (there are no sleeves!) and I think the results would be absolutely amazingggg. And for only about $65 worth of materials it wouldn't break the bank! Someone please make one of these up so I can live vicariously through you :)