I made a bathing suit!

July 28, 2014

Ya'll, I have a couple of confessions. Confession #1: I have had this suit finished since the middle of June, and I am just now getting around to blogging about it. Confession #2: I haven't blogged about it because I hadn't taken pictures. I even finished it in time for a short beach trip, brought it with me to take pictures, and then never even wore it! I know, it seems stupid to make a bathing suit and then not wear it, but we were only down there for a couple of days and I wanted to soak up as much sun and relaxation as I could (at least that's my excuse). Confession #3: It was really awkward for me to take these pictures of myself, in this bathing suit, in my yard, in the middle of a cow field, so there are only a few pictures and please don't make fun of me!

As far as the suit goes, I used the Bombshell Swimsuit pattern by Closet Case Files. The pattern came in Perfect Pattern Parcel #3 and is my second make from this bundle (fourth if you count each of the three pairs of Prefontaine shorts I've finished). I don't really have a lot to say about the pattern that hasn't already been said by one of the MANY bloggers who have conquered it, but here are some of my notes/thoughts...
Bombshell Bathing Suit - front 1 by Hey, It's SJ
--I sewed view B in a straight size 10 with no alterations. I did add some bra cups for modesty. Their purpose is mostly coverage and they don't really provide any support. Still, besides my really expensive bra-sized swimwear, I feel more secure in this suit than any of the others I own.

--I barely looked at the pattern instructions while sewing. Instead, I just followed along with the sew-a-long on Heather's blog. She has detailed instructions for each view and lovely pictures to illustrate each step.
Bombshell Bathing Suit - back by Hey, It's SJ
--SO. MUCH. GATHERING. The gathering really is what makes this suit and it is super flattering, but it was one of the most time consuming parts of making the suit. It's not difficult, it just takes a while, so be prepared if you are planning to make it.

--The design of the suit is very clever, especially the front panel that is actually separate from the crotch (see below). In fact, the suit could actually be made sans-ruching by leaving off the front panel and using the back lining pieces for the main suit as well, which I think would also be really cute!
Bombshell Bathing Suit - flat by Hey, It's SJ --There has to be a way to finish inside seams so they aren't exposed. I don't have a serger so my seams are less attractive than they could be, but even if I did I still think I would prefer encased seams of some sort. I might ponder on this and try to come up with something, and of course I will let you know if/when I do.
Bombshell Bathing Suit - side by Hey, It's SJ --I purchased both the fabric and lining from my local Hancock Fabrics. Another confession: I'm not in love with the color. I let my sister talk me into it, and while I don't hate it, I really think I've should have gone with a hot pink or royal blue, or even more boring classic black. Oh well, that just means I will have to make another one!
Bombshell Bathing Suit - front 2 by Hey, It's SJ --I think the most challenging part of making the suit was actually just working with the fabric. Again, I don't have a serger but my regular machine behaves pretty well with knits. I always just work a little slower and when I feel myself start to get frustrated, I take a break and come back to it later. Patience is definitely the name of the game.

Overall, I really like this pattern! This is officially the only one-piece suit I own, and I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about it when I decided to make it. But it is so comfortable and I feel so secure in it, I think it will be great for more active days at the river or beach without having to worry about "accidents."

If anyone has any good bikini recommendations for someone with a small band/large cup I would love to hear them! I don't know if I feel comfortable making major alterations to a pattern so I've been looking for something that will pretty much fit "out of the envelope" and support is always a major issue. I ran across this bra-turned bikini pattern from ohhhlulu that I think could have some potential, but I'm still searching and any suggestions would be much appreciated!