Monogram Madness!

May 26, 2013

This past week I have been diligently working on an entire circle monogram alphabet using Inkscape and I have finally finished all 26 sets of letters!

Now I can make a monogram with any letter combination imaginable and I can completely customize the size and color depending on the project.

I've put together a tutorial to show ya'll how I used Picasa and Inkscape to create this monogram alphabet.
  • In Part One I used Picasa to edit and crop an image to use as a template.
  • Part Two shows you how I used the trace bitmap function in Inkscape to convert the template into SVG format.
  • And Part Three explains how I edited nodes and paths in Inkscape to get nice clean, crisp letters.

**UPDATE 4.11.14 You can now purchase the SVG file that contains all 26 sets of letters in left, middle, and right positions in my Etsy shop!